2020: The Year Everything Came into Focus, Against All the Odds

While it’s difficult to overstate the detrimental impact that the global pandemic has wreaked on mankind both economically and socially, we’d like to emphasize the good things that have come out of 2020 and wrap up the year on a good note!

To say life as we knew it turned upside-down is more accurate than exaggerated, as societies around the world were forced to adapt to the “new normal”.

Still, there are indeed some incredibly positive things that have emerged out of the chaos that was this year!

In case you missed some of the things we’ve got to smile about, here’s the world’s happiest takeaways from 2020:

4. We Reconnected with Our Circle

I’m not sure about you, but this year, I’ve spent more quality time connecting with my family and inner circle than I probably did over the entire 10 years before it!

We got creative with the ways we touched base, and followed up on maintaining relationships that mattered most.

We had more meaningful conversations that took us on a profoundly fulfilling journey. We left small talk on the table in favor of connecting with genuine investment, words of encouragement, and nourishing care.

We told our loved ones just how much they mean to us, provided them a nurturing support system…

And in turn, we found our loving actions magnified and reflected back to us. It’s been a warm, fuzzy year of meaningful interactions.

3. We Got Outside More!

Being the outdoorsy folks we are around here, we didn’t let any lockdowns keep us from getting our Vitamin Nature and endorphin fix!

The closures of many of our favorite activities meant we had to get more creative with how we spend our leisure time: And when the great outdoors called, we answered.

For many who had forgotten the bliss of connecting with nature, tiny wonders in our own backyards reminded us of the jewels this planet has to offer.

We switched off the TV, and watched the creatures foraging and the leaves unfurling instead. The outdoors enchanted us with the quiet, unrelenting beauty our souls needed.